Six Ways to Help Your Loved One Reduce His Back Pain

If your elderly loved one deals with back pain regularly, he is not alone. Four out of five people deal with back pain at some point in their lives and as a person gets older, the chances of developing back pain increase. The likelihood increases because as we age, our spine loses some of the fluids that protect the vertebrae, and the back muscles lose some of their strength. Combine that with perhaps added weight, less activity, and poor habits, and it’s the perfect storm for some raging back pain.

Luckily, there are steps your loved one can take when his back pain is flaring, and these steps don’t necessarily mean he has to spend all day in a chair with a heating pad. In fact, many of these remedies will allow him to keep doing the things he loves by altering them a bit or requesting some help. Let’s look at some ways to find relief.

  1. Asking for help. This remedy is both the easiest and the most difficult. Many elderly folk have a hard time asking for help, but if having help can assist them in remaining mostly independent, it can be a great benefit for them. If back pain is causing your loved one to be unable to perform some necessary household chores, consider hiring some in-home care to help. An in-home care provider can help with carrying heavy laundry baskets up the stairs or mopping and sweeping floors. If a certain activity always causes pain for your loved one, consider consulting with an in-home care team to step in and assist.
  2. Learn to lift correctly. Many episodes of back pain are caused by improper lifting. Encourage your loved one to slow down and think before he lifts a heavy box, making sure he’s focusing on using his legs to lift and not his back.
  3. Reduce phone time. If your loved one has joined this generation’s obsession with their phones, he might be causing neck and back pain by continually looking at his phone and/or texting on it. These activities make him bend his head and curve his spine. If he’s doing it for hours on end, it could be causing his back pain.
  4. Set up his computer area correctly. On the other hand, if your loved one likes to spend a lot of time on his computer or laptop, make sure it’s set up in such a way that is ergonomically correct. There are specific guidelines to ensure he’s not straining his eyes, back, or neck to use his computer. You can find these online or have a professional come to the home to set him up correctly.
  5. Help him sleep better. Sleeping poorly can lead to back pain. While it could be that he needs a new mattress, it might also be as simple as having him change the position in which he sleeps or having him use pillows to help provide back support while he sleeps.
  6. Remain active. While back pain may make your loved one not want to move, keeping active helps the back to heal. Regular physical activity reduces muscle tension and inflammation.

Reducing or eliminating back pain will help your loved one enjoy more of life’s best moments.

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