Caretech has been an amazing company to work for. Renee is an amazing scheduler to work under. Each phone call begins with Good morning/afternoon Sunshine. I was a contractor to the state and paperwork was a nightmare. I went under Caretech and it’s so much easier, and I’m paid 3 dollars more an hour. I couldn’t ask for a better outfit to work under.

-Rashell H.

Awesome company. I never have any problems. They are on top of it. I never wait for replacement of clients, and all the office people are very kind.

-Sue S.

They are easy to work with and very pleasant and helpful. The were an answer to our prayer!

-Vicky S.

Loved putting meaning and happiness and fulfillment back into my clients’ lives. There is nothing more gratifying than knowing that you can put a sparkle in their eye and a smile on their face!! Love spending time with them and I know when I leave for the day that I made a difference in their life!


Good place to work. Good company. I would send someone to work for the company. My supervisor was real good to get along with, and they will answer your questions if they can. If not, they will get you to somebody who can.


Great job for the one who is an independent hard worker. Great company for those who love working to help folks! I’m so glad that this company really looks into the hires and makes sure they are qualified to do this job and they aren’t putting just anyone into the position. I have worked for other companies that don’t do their due diligence like this company. I am glad to be part of a company that knows the client is SO important!


If you love working and giving back to people, this is the job for you. I love working here with all the wonderful clients. There is plenty of work and the pay is pretty good. The people in the office are always helpful. I would and have recommended people to work here.


It’s fun. You get to meet a lot of people! There is nothing better in life than to be able to put a smile on someone’s face just because you made them coffee or dusted their TV stand!! It’s the little things in life you need to enjoy and for me this is one of them! I wake up and go visit a friend, not a client. I love my job for this company!!


Thank you again for partnering with us and for all of the good work that you and your team do every day.
 – Karl

I’ve been working for caretech for over a year now . Everyone there has always been very helpful and nice no matter what issues or questions I had. I really enjoy working for Caretech.
Rebecca J

They have been good to me and I enjoy working with them
– Valarie T

Great place to work!
Carol K

I really enjoy working with caretech as a provider. They’re great at changing my schedule and calling back if I have a question
Lori Ann B


Relaxed work place, not too complicated. Working for Caretech is enjoyable in the sense that once all the “chores” are done you can get to know your patient and build a friendly relationship with them. I’ve been with the same patient since 2016 and the only reason I would leave is to relocate my family.


Very good place to work. Very friendly staff. You get to make people’s days better. You get to know clients on a personal level. You get to make your own schedule, and you are paid decently.


I always had backup when I requested it. Caretech showed concern for their staff and the consumers they provided services.

– Ruth H

I love working for caretech they are all very nice and friendly
– Dorothy A

Love working with everyone. They are always friendly, timely, and efficient.
– Jennifer H

Caretech has been a great company to work for. My scheduler (Janet) has been awesome, very quick and efficient with schedule changes.
The only thing is sometimes clock ins or clock outs don’t work and now Janet can’t do that for me. Love working for and with you.
– Leona K

Positive experience
 – Kellyc L

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