How to Keep Your Skin Healthy as Your Age

Skin naturally thins as a person ages and that is why it is so important for seniors to not only take care of the insides of their bodies but also the outside of their bodies as well. Skin is the largest organ and it is the first thing that protects you from sun rays, germs, and other toxic substances. Many seniors forget how important it is to take care of their skin as they age or they think it is selfish to spend so much time on their skin. Skin care is not vanity, it is practical, and it can help keep seniors comfortable as they age. Here are the ways your senior loved one should be managing and taking care of their skin.

Shower Regularly

Sometimes when seniors live on their own and age in place they do not shower as often as they should and this can actually damage their skin or infections can start spreading too. Your loved one may not like getting in the shower alone or they may be scared. This is something that personal care at home can help with. They can help your loved one get in and out of the shower but also just be present in the home in case of emergencies. Personal care at home can help a senior feel at ease knowing someone is there in case anything happens, which makes showering regularly less scary.

Dry Off Completely When Damp

After a shower, a senior may feel rushed and not dry off completely. This means that when they are putting on damp clothes, that moisture is getting trapped. Unfortunately, that trapped moisture can lead to bacteria which can cause infections and it can even cause them to be itchy and in pain. It is crucial for a senior to shower most days and then dry off completely. If they need help with this task, it is something that personal care at home can help them with. Drying off completely before putting on clothes will be one of the best ways to keep your loved one’s skin nice.

Use Lotion Every Day

Once a senior is dry they need to prevent cracking skin from happening. This means your senior loved one needs to use body lotion. This will help nourish skin and replenish any missing oils. The more your senior’s skin cracks the more itchy it will feel and that can cause some serious discomfort. The best way to avoid all of that is by using lotion and this is another task that personal care at home can help with if necessary. Keep in mind that a senior may need body lotion, foot lotion, and hand lotion because they are all formulated differently.

Where SPF in the Sun

Not only does your senior loved one need to wear lotion, but they need to be wearing SPF too. Just because your skin protects you from sun rays does not mean they are fully protected. Their skin can get damaged by the sun and they need that SPF. Burns can easily happen from the sun and that can cause a wide array of problems for a senior. The best thing a senior can do is find the right sunscreen and put on the right clothing during the summer to take care of their skin.

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