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When beginning the discussion of in-home care, one of the most common questions asked by individuals and families is "Where do I Start?"

Here are some steps in determining....
Why, What, How, When, Who


1.  Why choose a care-giving agency?  Many people wish to remain at home to maintain their quality of life.  Whether it be for friends, pets, family, familiarity, and/or comfort, this question is always at the center of a good care plan.  While facilities are sometimes needed, most people are able maintain their current lifestyle with some assistance at home.

2.  What needs are concerning the friends, family, and individual?  Does the person not feel safe performing certain activities, or are tasks becoming too difficult?  It is best to sit down and note all concerns.  Here are a few topics to begin determining what type of assistance is needed:  tasks/errands, health/safety monitoring, structural assistance (grab bars, bathing chairs, assistive devices...), household duties, social contacts/gatherings. . . 
3.  How does the person need assistance?  Is driving and shopping for groceries a concern or is the individual worried about climbing stairs from the laundry room?  Other important duties may include maintaining finances, bathing and personal care, running the vacuum or cooking meals.  It is important to ask many questions about specific daily, weekly, and yearly tasks when determining "how" the individual needs assistance.
4.  When is help needed?  What days and times are needed to accomplish the specific tasks?  Frequently, the answer is "flexible."  If the individual is not a morning person, the answer may simply be "any time in the afternoon Monday through Friday."  Or, it may necessary to get the client to a hair appointment at 2:00 every Friday, or dialysis appointments Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Scheduling appointments depends on the needs of each client.
5.  Who should provide care?  Caretech has many experienced and qualified caregivers available to provide care.  Our caregivers are matched according to schedule, duties, and personality types.  We strive to place a permanent caregiver to assist clients and to insure familiarity of care
. Clients and families are always welcome to interview caregivers before services begin.   

Where to Start.


Individuals and families should have an open discussion about the types of services they need to remain safely at home.    

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